Freebie: Download this Exciting Twisted Pop-Up Card Project

By Rachael Carver - February 28, 2018

It's the end of February already, and in Norfolk, UK, we are thick with snow, -4 degrees in temperature, and there is nothing more that I would rather be doing right now than to be curled up in front of the TV, fire on, dreaming of being in Paris, and working on a craft project - so this project card has come at the perfect time!

The idea for this came when I saw a video by The Pampered Stamper, demonstrating how to create one of these clever little cards. Combine that with my desire to forever be in Paris, we have a wonderfully inspired project card. The backing papers are based on colours and floor tiles you can find in Paris, and the sentiment/quote inside is exactly how many people feel about Paris.

But don't let the theme put you off. If you have your own papers and toppers, you can use the template for the main body of the card, and make it your very own.


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