Help a Charity and Win a Piece of Artwork by Me

By Rachael Carver - February 27, 2018

This year I will be producing a piece of artwork in order to raise money for MQ - Transforming Mental Health. Arts and Crafts is now known to help with your well-being and mental health. The thousands of art therapy colouring books are indicative of this discovery. Therefore, producing a piece of artwork seems to be the most appropriate fund-raising task for me to do as I am unable to do many of the sporting activities, often associated with raising money for charity.

Why a Mental Health Charity?

Mental illness affects us all. If not directly, then indirectly. I have been lucky, to date, with my own mental health, but I have seen how it affects loved ones and colleagues. Over the last three years, I have undertaken my own challenges to try and understand mental health more, and I’m certified in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA). But as the years have passed, the number of people I know with a mental illness has also increased. I want to make their lives better, and I cannot do this alone.

Why MQ - Transforming Mental Health?

The hardest part of setting up this sponsored event was choosing which Mental Health Charity to support. I spoke to several friends and family members, who all offered very good reasons to support both the provider charities (charities who provide a direct service to people who need support with their mental health), and research-based charities. For me, these go hand in hand. You cannot provide the best support or find the best treatment for an individual without the research into mental health – an area in which we are quite behind. It eventually came down to two charities, one in each of these categories. However, a friend of mine pointed out that the support-based charity is already well established, receiving money from donors and the government. MQ, on the other hand, is a relatively new charity. They are already making a massive impact with their ‘Dare to Share’ campaign, which has received support from Melanie C, Rag ’n’ Bone Man, and John Simm, to name a few. I strongly feel that we need to bring them in line with the support-based charities, so MQ’s vision can make the change that we need. MQ stands for mental health and quality of life. Their vision is simple: to create a world where mental illness is understood, effectively treated, and ultimately prevented. Their vision statement says it all: “Right now, one in four people in the UK is living with a mental health condition. That’s nearly 15 million people with an illness that affects their wellbeing, their relationships with family and friends, and their ability to work. For many the experience can be painful, exhausting and isolating. Despite extraordinary advances in treating physical health conditions, progress in understanding mental illness, and research into its causes, treatments and prevention, is nowhere near equal. In fact, it falls woefully short, leaving millions of people worldwide without the help and support they need. We’re here to change that. We are the first major charity funding much-needed scientific research to transform the lives of everyone affected by mental illness. And with our community of supporters and an international network of talented researchers we can make this a reality.”

 About the Artist (Me) 

 I am a commercial artist and graphic designer based in East Anglia. I am presently Creative Development Manager for Creative Crafting World, before which I was a professional book designer and illustrator. I work in several mediums, and also write about fine art and art history.

Select Gallery

The artwork produced will likely be one of the following styles. Have an opinion, why not let me know on social media or in the comment section :-)


Please help this good cause. Once the artwork is complete I will choose one sponsor at random to rehome this piece. If all you can afford is £2, then please donate £2. Every bit helps!

Thank you

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