Inspiration: Making Fantastic Cards with Altenew Stamps & Ink

By Rachael Carver - February 25, 2018

I admit, I love Altenew products - they appeal to the designer in me. The first time I saw Altenew products, knowingly, was back at the end of Summer last year. I was resting up, as I had a knee injury, and was looking for inspiration from Create & Craft TV. Altenew were demonstrating their new Build-a-Flower stamps and I found myself pining to own them all. I finally got around to purchasing the Camellia stamp and die set, and invested in their Northern Lights Mini Cube ink set. All I needed now was to get creative! 

Two make the four cards below, you will need:

Altenew Build-a-Flower (Camellia) & (Northern Lights) Mini Cube Ink Set in Review:

Wow! These are amazing. The finished products are incredible. I couldn't be more happy with the results. These are a 'happy little accidents' kind of product. It is difficult to line them up perfectly, but rather than discard the ones that were slightly out, I embraced them - after all, we're hand-making cards here, there is a charm when you can see that in a product, I think. In the stamp set you will receive three flower layers, three leaf layers, and two sentiments: 'Thank you for your kindness' and '"One kind word can warm three winter months" - Japanese Proverb'. The font choice is contemporary and perfect for the the typical card you can make from these stamps. 

You will also receive two dies, one for the flower and one for the leaf. I used these on my Big Shot Plus and they cut perfect each time. They don't feel thin or flimsy, and are easy to line up - though I would use washi tape to ensure they stay in place. 

The Northern Lights mini cube ink set are a really good deal, and pair up with the build-a-flower series very well. They are easy to use and most of the time, especially with the greens, the finish was perfect. I highly recommend using Altenew inks if you are buying their stamps. I did attempt some alternative brands but they 1. didn't print well, and 2. they dyed my stamps *cries* - anyone who knows me, knows that I like everything to look as new as possible. This was heartbreaking. Buying their mini cube sets are also good if you're purchasing on a budget as this particular one has three pinks and three greens, which is exactly what you need for this stamp set, and for the technique to work. You work from light to dark. 

When you receive the stamps, there was a sticky residue on the side you ink. As I've not really stamped (except for my Gorjuss stamps - which are not see-through), since the old wooden block stamps, I was thrown as to what to do, do I clean the residue off or not. It is this question that I would pose to Altenew, as I couldn't accessibly find a response online. 

The Camellia Gallery

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