Hi – my name is Rachael and I’m a craftaholic with a romanticised obsession with France, French art, French food, and French culture in general. I have a love-affair with fabric and paper, and I’m at the point of moving my husband and son into the shed so I can take over the house with more essential crafty stuff. I have books and paints in the kitchen; more books, fabric, paper-crafting materials and my Silhouette in the living room; even more books in the hallway; and the paper-stock, specialist pens, and pretty much everything else in a bedroom. There’s even an over-flow of stash in the attic.
I’m a qualified graphic designer with a first-class degree from Norwich School of Art & Design, specialising in design for publishing, and have worked with music agencies, publishing houses and independent authors, and media development companies, with over 10 years industry experience. I currently work with Creative Crafting World Ltd as their Creative Development Manager, with a focus on, what else but, crafts – a passion established in my childhood when my mother introduced me to a whole array of crafts and crafting workshops.
I am passionate about modern art and, besides all things craft, I write accessible articles on the subject which can be viewed on my Vermilion Goldfish website, and a love of music and photography, a combination of which can be viewed on my One Love Music Review Blog. I am a bit of an Alternative Rock nut, but I am a woman of many loves (must be the Gemini in me). I am an avid listener of 50’s and 60’s Rock n Roll, R&B, Jazz, Metal, and Pop – even a bit of Chanson.

I live in the suburbs with my husband, Stephen – who is a writer, my son Vincent – who is passionate about Gothic stories and dinosaurs, and my cat Sid – whose nickname I cannot repeat here, but his main skill is doing naff all – no funny cat videos this end.
I’m sure over time you’ll get to know even more about me 😀

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